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One to one lessons via Skype

Since 2010 I have been helping people to prepare for the Hungarian Simplified Citizenship Interview. 

If your aim is to get ready for the Hungarian Citizenship Interview, our lessons will be focusing mostly on the vocabulary that is needed for passing the interview. Taking a general language course or learning alone won’t prepare you for passing the  citizenship interview at the Hungarian Embassy. 

Learning a foreign language can be fun. Don’t let anybody make you believe otherwise.
Hungarian language has a bad a reputation of being one of the most difficult languages on the world. I don’t believe it. Hungarian language is a bit different than the other European languages, but it is not more difficult learning it. You just need  the right materials and techniques.

Every students is different, so every lesson should be tailor-made for your individual needs.

My aim is to get you speaking from your very first lesson and help you learn vocabulary and grammar effortlessly.

I achieve this by typing while I’m talking to you, so you can re-read everything that we learn together. I believe that the key to fluency is talking and listening. I make up small conversations and texts after every lesson by using the vocabulary and grammar that we have just learned. I record the text and you will be able to listen to it various times until we meet for the next lesson. Our minds like stories and context, not abstract vocabulary lists and arcane grammar exercises.

You will be surprised to see that you will be talking to me Hungarian very early on without learning long list of words, just by listening to the stories we will be writing together.


How can I help you?

Are you interested in obtaining a Hungarian Citizenship, but don’t know where to start? Do you need to find genealogical information? Do you need to learn Hungarian for the citizenship interview or for any other purposes?