Hungarian Jewish Genealogy

Hungarian Jewish Genealogy 

Hello, I’m Anett Goldstein, a professional genealogist currently completing my MSc in Genealogy at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. With a deep-rooted passion for history and a special focus on Hungarian Jewish ancestry, I have dedicated myself to helping individuals and families rediscover their connections to the past. While I personally oversee all research and client interactions, I’m supported by a talented team of professionals who share my dedication to uncovering your unique family story.

Our Services


    • Tailored Genealogical Research: Under my guidance, we dive into a comprehensive exploration of your Hungarian Jewish roots, utilizing a rich array of archival and digital resources to bring your family’s history to light.

    • Hungarian Citizenship Assistance: For descendants of Hungarian Jewish ancestry seeking to reclaim their Hungarian citizenship, my team and I provide invaluable assistance in gathering the necessary documentation, including birth, marriage, and death certificates.

    • Jewish Heritage Tours: Beyond traditional genealogy, we offer immersive tours in Hungary and Budapest, designed to connect you physically and emotionally to the places where your ancestors lived, loved, and left their mark.

Why Choose Us?


    • Expertise & Passion: As someone deeply engrossed in genealogy both professionally and academically, I bring a wealth of knowledge, skill, and enthusiasm to your quest for ancestral knowledge. Supported by my team, we ensure a rich, multifaceted approach to your family history.

    • Personalized Experience: I believe in the power of personal stories and the importance of every detail in genealogical research. That’s why I work closely with you throughout the process, ensuring that your family’s legacy is explored with the respect and dedication it deserves.

    • Comprehensive Support: With the support of my team, we are able to offer a wide range of services, from detailed archival research to on-the-ground heritage tours, all tailored to meet your specific needs and interests.

Start Your Journey Today

Exploring your Hungarian Jewish ancestry with me, Anett Goldstein, and my team, is an invitation to a journey of discovery, connection, and profound understanding. Whether you’re seeking to fill gaps in your family tree, reclaim your Hungarian citizenship, or walk in the footsteps of your ancestors in Hungary, we’re here to make it possible.

Let’s Connect

Embarking on this journey requires just a few key pieces of information to get started—a couple of names, dates, and places. From there, I’ll personally ensure that we approach your genealogical quest with the attention and expertise it deserves.

Ready to uncover the stories of your past? Contact me today, and let’s begin the journey together.