My Story

I was 10 years old when my father told me about my great grandfather, who worked as a lawyer and spoke 7 languages. It fascinated me; I wanted to find out more about him and I also wanted to speak 7 languages. My father did not know much about his grandfather , because he was murdered in Auschwitz. It became my task in life to reconstruct our family history and to help others to do the same. So far I’ve managed to learn 5 languages fluently, and I’m nearly there with my sixth (Italian) and I’m thinking about which one should be my seventh. Everybody is good at something;  my strength is genealogy and language instruction. 

Since 2010 I have been doing heir and probate research,
finding vital records for citizenship purposes and making family trees for individuals with Hungarian and Hungarian Jewish roots.

I especially enjoy solving difficult cases, which are seemingly impossible to solve. Many times my clients do not know the birth place or even the exact names of their ancestors. I enjoy putting together the little pieces of the puzzle and the help my clients to reach their goals of attaining citizenship, finding peace, or any other purpose that these studies can have.

I studied for three years in Hungary at the Law Faculty of Budapest’s  Eötvös Lóránt University, and I have a B.A. in English Language, Literature and Art History from Haifa University.  

Under the Hungarian Nationality Law as amended in 2011, descendants of Hungarians can apply for Hungarian Citizenship provided that they pass an interview in the Hungarian language for simplified naturalization. As a Hungarian teacher 
I prepare students for the simplified citizenship interview, bearing in mind the key vocabulary and questions that are likely to be asked.
I strongly believe that every person has a different style and speed of learning. Every lesson is tailor-made to suit your own individual needs. My role as a teacher is to get you speaking from the very first lesson and help you learn the vocabulary and grammar effortlessly. 

My students range across disciplines, from businessmen to students and everyone between who would like to learn Hungarian and take a more active part in Hungarian society. 
I love learning languages and researching the newest ways  to help you reach your language goals.

Feedback & Reviews

Over the year, I have a number of different individuals who have used my services from all walks of life. Some of them have graciously decided to provide testimonials, which I present below. 

“Anett helped me study Hungarian and getting ready for the simplified Naturalization interview.

Learning Hungarian with Anett was fun and fulfilling. Anett has great patience and I always felt I’m in the right direction with constant (positive) feedback.

Hungarian is very different from English and Hebrew with a unique grammar and verbs formulation. Anett taught me how to read, write, speak and “think” Hungarian. Learning was done using written materials, tapes and personal lessons under her accurate and tailor made guidance.
Anett also helped me to locate genealogical documents of my family and in the process found some new facts I wasn’t aware of.
On top of this, she helped me to communicate with Hungarian institutions in order to get genuine copies of these documents.

Tomer Livneh


“I was referred to Anett by an acquaintance who also made use of her expertise in obtaining Hungarian citizenship several years ago. I was only able to provide Anett with partial information about my late grandfather’s personal details and place of birth in Hungry, but within a few weeks time she was able to successfully find not only his records in the Hungarian archives, but also those of my great-grand parents from the late 19th century. Today, my father and I are both Hungarian citizens thanks to Anette’s kind and professional services..”

Eyal Stern

“Anett is a great teacher! I really enjoyed learning Hungarian with her. She teaches in a very enjoyable way through stories, songs and imparting general knowledge about Hungary in addition to textbooks and prepares thoroughly and very well for obtaining citizenship..”

Yael Afomando


“Anett is a professional, caring and dedicated teacher. Delivers the lessons in a wonderful and varied way. Knows how to adapt material to the student’s needs. Thanks to Annette I have fun learning Hungarian even though it is not an easy language, highly recommend!”

Shelly Goldberg

Medical Student

What can I do for you?

Do you intend to get Hungarian citizenship? Would you like to study Hungarian with a seasoned professional like me? Would you like to research your Hungarian family line or have your old documents translated?
If so send me  a message. 
email: [email protected]