Hungarian Simplified Naturalization

Simplified Naturalization: Reclaim Your Hungarian Citizenship with Anett Goldstein

Discover the Path Back to Your Roots

Simplified Naturalization offers a unique opportunity for individuals with Hungarian heritage, whose ancestors may have renounced or lost their citizenship, to reclaim their connection to Hungary. This straightforward process allows you to reacquire Hungarian citizenship without residency in Hungary, provided you have Hungarian lineage and conversational fluency in Hungarian, or are willing to learn the language.

Since 2010, I, Anett Goldstein, along with my dedicated team, have specialized in:

  • Researching and acquiring documentation to prove Hungarian heritage.
  • Assisting with Hungarian language learning to prepare for the Simplified Naturalization Interview.
  • Translating documents and filling out the necessary forms.

For Spouses of Hungarian Citizens

Since 1 March 2013, the spouses of Hungarian citizens can also embrace Hungarian citizenship through a simplified process if they meet specific conditions related to marriage duration, shared children, and basic knowledge of the Hungarian language.

Act Now: Secure Your Hungarian Citizenship

The landscape of citizenship laws is ever-changing. The current opportunity for simplified naturalization provides a rare chance to reconnect with your Hungarian roots. With the possibility of legal changes, we encourage those with Hungarian ancestry to act promptly.

Our Comprehensive Simplified Naturalization Assistance Includes:

  • Language Support: Proficiency in Hungarian is a key step. We connect you with professional Hungarian teachers, overseeing your progress and ensuring you’re well-prepared for the citizenship interview.
  • Application Guidance: Navigating the paperwork for naturalization can be daunting. We offer meticulous guidance through every step, ensuring your application is complete and accurate.
  • Customized Strategy: Understanding the uniqueness of each case, we provide personalized consultations and strategies, leveraging our deep knowledge of Hungarian citizenship laws.

Who Can Benefit?

  • Individuals with Hungarian Ancestry: Not born as Hungarian citizens but with Hungarian roots, demonstrating a connection and language proficiency.
  • Spouses of Hungarian Citizens: Meeting the criteria of marriage duration, shared children, and language knowledge.

Keeping Hungarian Culture Alive Across Borders

The Hungarian diaspora, including Jews of Hungarian descent, plays an essential role in preserving Hungarian culture worldwide. This commitment highlights the deep, enduring bonds of the Hungarian community, regardless of where life has taken us.

Embark on Your Journey with Anett Goldstein

Let’s navigate this path together. With my expertise, backed by a supportive team, reclaiming your Hungarian citizenship is within reach. Connect with me today to start your journey back to your Hungarian roots, keeping our rich culture thriving across borders.